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Want the smallest, gold, nostril hoop you can wear long-term, without paying the cost of gold? Don't feel like measuring, guessing, and ordering the wrong thing? This hoop is made to fit the majority of nostril piercings, and almost all nostril piercings done at Holey Truth.


The 18G Hinged Segment Ring is crafted with ASTM F-136 titanium for durability and longevity, and it will never react or cause problems with your piercing because of it's material. ASTM F-136 is completely implant-grade. Available in our standard nostril-piercing length, this ring is designed and engineered to easily open and click closed. Perfect for those who want a reliable and resilient piece of jewelry. Anodized in house to a beautiful gold finish and autoclave sterilized before delivery, shipped in a sealed autoclave pouch with date indicating sterilization and sterilization color indicators.

The 'Gold Nose Hoop'

Color: Gold
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