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Want to bring our artists to your next event? Read below!

The Holey Truth Body Arts LLC cult can come out to your next event! We enjoy traveling and sharing our art with the world. We can help to make your event, function, convention, or gathering engaging and fun!

Booking the HT Cult is easy! Call 717-685-5169 or email to get started!


Who Will We Bring?

The HT Cult is headed by our piercing artist and owner, Eric MacFaline. He has over a dozen years of experience at piercing and managing the studio. We'll also be bringing 2 to 4 Holey Truth tattoo artists, depending on the size of your event and space provided. Our tattoo artists are thoroughly tested, tried and true, to be sure they'll deliver the best tattoos and service on time, every time. Each artist will be insured by the shop's insurance policy, as will all clients at your event (their policy will take effect as soon as they sign their waiver, which we also provide).

What Will We Bring?

We can bring everything needed for tattooing and piercing! Depending on the event you'd like us to come to, we can also create custom tattoo flash to make your event event more special. We can make sheets of small tattoo designs your event guests will be able to choose from to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. Just give us a place to plug in our lights and we're good to go!

It is also worth noting, our cult leader, Eric, is ordained, and can perform any number of wedding services, rituals, memorial speeches, and more.

A typical booth setup; we create a barrier between our working area and con-goers for safety, but also keep our work areas open to clean and transparent, so anyone can see how safe we are. We also bring a decontamination table with medical-grade safety devices, cleaning agents, hand sanitizer and masks for clients, and more. Safety is our first concern!

Where Will We Go?

We can easily travel to events in Pennsylvania and the northeast United States, or anywhere with enough notice. We love sharing our art with the world.  We prefer to go to events that aren't alcohol-heavy, and prefer to work in a closed-off area. Our goal is to replicate the safe environment that is our home studio!


Cult Leader Eric poses for a picture with Walter Emmanuel Jones, after successfully installing a lobe stud into his ear. It's been closed for almost 16 years! Zack is BACK!

Why Will we do this?

We love to work with people to bring our artwork to the world. We also like to partner with non-profit's and charity organizations to help make the world a better place. We get a chance to see a new place, meet new people, and make art. You get a chance to make your event more fun, eye-catching, and memorable. It's a win-win!
Our attitude towards piercing and tattoos at these conventions goes like this; when you break body art down to it's most basic principles, it's a lot like a medical procedure. We conduct our business with respect for yours and your attendees! We don't tattoo or pierce any illicit areas, images, or messages at these conventions. We also offer free body art to your bigger guests. We've already built a cool portfolio of tattooed and pierced actors and voice actors! It's a fun draw for ourselves and your guests. AND we offer discounts to fellow vendors! We know you work hard at these cons, too! That exhibitor badge is our sign that we're in this together!

Here, Cult Leader Eric shows Dana Snyder and Andy Merrill how a nose piercing is done.

They shared a ton of insight with him, and they had a great time hanging out.

Example Events

-Comic conventions

-Car shows

-Film festivals

-Video game conventions/ tournaments

-Toy Collector Conventions

-Trading Card Conventions/ tournaments

-Anime Conventions

-Paranormal Conventions


-Horror Conventions

- Sci-Fi Conventions

-and more! If you're interested, just ask!

What We Require


- A place nearby to wash hands between clients

-Good lighting

-Loyalty and non-competition clause:  no other shops at your cons, we're attending your next 5 years with options to renew, and after ending partnership, you have a period of 2 years of no other body artists working your convention.

-Hardwood / Vinyl Floors

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