A Message to our clients

From owner eric macfaline

During the difficult times that the current pandemic has brought, I find it neccessary to reach out to my clients, asking for your understanding. Holey Truth Body Arts is closed, and will remain closed until dangers of coronavirus have lifted. Lives are always more important than livelihoods, and our health will always be more important than elective or aesthetic procedures.

We will announce our reopening as soon as possible. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Holey Truth Body Arts LLC is a body piercing studio created with the intention of producing Lebanon County's best body piercings and providing the highest quality body jewelry, creating an environment where clients can feel free to express themselves with safe body art delivered by a trusted, experienced, and insured artist, with an array of aftercare, oddities, and other merchandise available. Owned and operated by Eric MacFaline II, who has roots in Lebanon, where he began his professional career as a body piercing artist in 2011.

"I built a temple, to worship yours."- Eric MacFaline II




Getting pierced or seeing me for any service is pretty easy. Stop in during business hours for a walk-in piercing. If you'd like to avoid a wait, or need a time outside of business hours, we can set that up, too! I try to keep the entire process PAINLESS. Book via facebook, email via the contact form or chat box below, stop in and book in person, or call.



608 Cumberland Street

Lebanon, PA 17042


Tel: 717.685.5169

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