Meet the Cult

We're a small group of like-minded individuals with a common mission; to provide the public with safe and sound body modification; and to help our community grow.


Eric MacFaline, Cult Leader

Holey Truth Body Arts LLC is a shop dedicated to body piercing, and for that to happen, it needed a dedicated body piercing artist. Specializing in freehand technique, Eric has been serving Lebanon County since 2011 as a professional body piercing artist. Once he felt he had a good grasp on the concept of piercing, he expanded his list of services to include an extensive array of body modifications, all using up-to-date techniques. Aside from basic body piercing, Eric provides services such as scarring, branding, and even some subdermal implants. More than a piercing, he believes each adornment is a personal accent, tailoring every client's individual need into aesthetic perfection.

In his spare time, he enjoys time with his family, working as an Ambassador for the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce, volunteering at Lebanon High School, making art and music, playing video games, and fingerboarding. These are a few of my favorite things!

Amanda MacFaline, Jewelry Goddess

Aside from the incredible piercings that Holey Truth is known for, we also take pride in having the areas highest quality body jewelry. Enter our jeweler and co-owner, Amanda MacFaline. Her extensive knowledge in esoteric concepts has proven to be an invaluable asset in her curations. She locates and collects jewelry from around the world into custom-curated collections. Her curations range in materials from titanium to gold, in simple and ornate styles. She even takes custom requests to craft a collection suited to your style, accounting for both design and function. You can view her jewelry HERE.

Outisde of the shop, Amanda enjoys time with her family, is an extremely accomplished hair stylist of over a dozen years, studies herbalism, learning to cook new dishes, and time with her dog, Lucy


Krissy Kennedy, Head of Cult Finance and Commerce

Krissy joined the family sometime in 2018 to help streamline many of the processes we use at Holey Truth; from cloud-based paperless waiver forms, to balancing the shop's books; it was apparent from Krissy's background in military and community service that she would be an incredible asset to our outfit.

In her free time, Krissy enjoys an array of activities. Her outgoing attitude has led her to all kinds of fun adventure, like skydiving!  In her downtime, she enjoys time with her boyfriend Patrick, and relaxing in bed watching her favorite shows.

She's also the best personal assistant ever, and is forever appreciated.