Holey Truth Body Arts prides itself on having the best people for the job, no matter the job.

If you think you'd make a good addition to our team, send your credentials to and we'll set up an interview.

Apprentice Piercing Artist

Holey Truth Body Arts prides itself in being Lebanon County's first destination in body piercing and jewelry. We are looking to expand our team in an effort to better service our clients. The apprentice piercing artist position is the first step in becoming a fully-fledged, tried and true piercing artist! This position will require a few things! 

-willingness to learn. Forget everything you know about piercing. I would like to educate someone from the ground up.

-time to learn. I'll need a good portion of your time (15+ hours a week). No flakes. If you're missing time to learn, you'll be replaced with a more eager apprentice.

-capacity to learn. We'll be studying a large amount of information, and doing more learning than piercing at a certain point. Having you prepared to pierce and knowledgeable about what you're doing is imperative.

-PROFESSIONALISM. You'll be representing a brand I crafted from the ground up, a style of piercing, a set of techniques, myself and my business.

-Productivity. If you aren't working on learning, you'll be working on taking care of the shop. Cleaning, organizing, cataloging, merchandising, should ALL be in your BLOOD. The goal is to eventually have you run the piercing end of the business alone, which will require you to know the business inside and out.

I offer an apprenticeship for $2000. This is the cost to learn to pierce, and doesn't cover any specific timeline, though most people can learn basic piercing in under a year.

Things that will help you
-medical knowledge
-have a few piercings yourself

Things that you MUST have
-your own car and driver's license
-diploma or GED
-no hard drugs

This is not a learning course for someone who is faint of heart, scared of blood or criticism.

Tattoo Artist

Looking for a tattoo artist with at least 2 years in-shop experience AFTER apprenticeship under their belt. My shop gets a few calls and walk-ins looking for them a day. You'd get all the tattoo clients and be in charge of everything tattoo-related, including getting your supplies and doing all your own booking. I only do body piercings and similar modifications.

We can do either shop rent or a percentage. Super flexible and would like to keep numbers low (re: really freaking low) to keep you and clients happy. Depending on the situation, I can go 70/30 (you get 70) or even better. Like I said, I'm flexible.

I have a chair for you to use, some storage space for your supplies, and a stencil machine ready. If you use metal grips, you can also use my autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner, etc. Internet, beautiful and clean shop located off 422 in the shopping district of Lebanon. Shop is protected by security cameras everywhere but the bathroom and piercing room.


Please have work for me to see (physical portfolio or website). We're the first name in piercing, I'd like to maintain that energy with every service HT provides. 

Please email resume and references to!
The more information you submit, the better your odds of selection or recognition!