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Eric here.

My entire life, I've dedicated large (maybe unhealthy?) amounts of time to playing games, and imagining my own. I've always been interested in creating games, how it is done, and the history of games in general. Tabletop games, video games, toys, all of these have held my interest, even into my adult life. I've been exploring ways to develop my own games and such. 


Here's some of the fruits of my labor (of love).


Screenshot_20210725-222400_Mythos of Truth.jpg
Screenshot_20210725-222419_Mythos of Truth.jpg
Screenshot_20210725-222322_Mythos of Truth.jpg

Mythos of Truth is, and always will be, my first real game and baby. I began developing this game with the intention of sharing some of my own personal history, in a completely impersonal way. Many of the characters and NPCs are named after my real-life friends. The training in the beginning is representative of my own apprenticeship.
Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and I never released the final version of the game. During that period of time, many of the people who were included in the game and I lost touch, and it didn't make sense releasing the project the way it was. The 'demo' version works great. I had fun making it, using a lot of the stock assets available to the generator. It was really fun. After learning a lot of the ins and outs of collisions and events, I decided I loved doing this and wanted to see what else I could do.

You can play the game in your browser HERE. You can also download the game to play on Windows or Mac hardware by scrolling down to the bottom of the page I'll share the android version of the demo soon.

HT x GB (working title)

Screenshot_20210725-222511_John GBC.jpg
Screenshot_20210725-222635_John GBC.jpg
Screenshot_20210725-222550_John GBC.jpg

My favorite video game system and family was always the Gameboy line of systems. They were filled with simple RPGs and adventure games, all broken down into their most basic elements. The greatest challenges in creating a Gameboy game in 2021 were the hard limits on essentially everything. There are only 4 colors available to make characters and environments. And you can't have more than 6 animated characters on a screen at once, as that's too much for the hardware to handle. Finding out about these limits made the games that kept me so captivated, that much more of a masterpiece. A younger self was entirely invested and immersed in world's with less data that a CD.

I'm adding fun updates to the game, and will be printing physical copies with cool promos SOON. ;D

You can play the first version of the game in your browser HERE.

ENDAL RPG (working title)

Endal (End-All) RPG is a tabletop RPG that I wrote. It's a roleplaying game to end all (haha) role playing games. This game requires little in the ways of resources, is EXTREMELY fast and easy to pick up, and can be learned by anyone. I designed it as a great way for experienced role players or novices alike to connect over a simple system that can sustain lengthy campaigns, and even the most meticulous of imaginations.

The game is currently in the art phase, and after art has been finalized, I'll make both a PDF and a printed book available for players. Anyone interested in helping write/and edit, let me know. All of the hard work (writing a system) has been done. Now I need to put it into book/readable format. 


Our game room was originally meant to be a shorthand meeting place for a small group of friends and family to meet up, hang out, and play games. Some of the games were mainstream ones, like Pokémon,  and Dungeons and Dragons, while others were new and obscure; games with smaller followings, but amazing gameplay and players. It only made sense to open the play area up to the public, where anyone could drop in and hang out in a safe place and play games. We began hosting game nights to teach and learn new games, and make new friendships.

(NOTE: Anyone 12 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times).

Check out our facebook events for game nights! And if you'd like to play another game, judge a game, host a game, add to our events, test a game, or anything else, contact



We play a LOT of card games!. If you haven't checked it out already, MONSTER CLUB is a super laid-back card game with amazing artwork, fun gameplay, and an amazing community.
We dipped our feet in the Monster Club waters by becoming the world's first Monster Club shop. Being completely welcomed by the community, and having a large number of customers finding out just how cool Monster Club is, we decided to further support the game and our community by forming a Monser Club faction of our own, being centered at Holey Truth Body Arts. The formation of this faction marks the beginning of organized card game play at Holey Truth.

We're looking for members to join our faction, and help us grow. Faction members receive a number of benefits. 

-Faction branded deck sleeves
-Faction branded game mat
-Faction branded Shirt

-Discounts on and free Monster Club cards

Faction members will be meeting twice monthly at the shop to train and deck build, work on strategy, and discuss the game. If interested, contact us via the form below. We have a few spots available! 



Our Dungeons and Dragons game group is one of our longest-running games in the shop. We currently play 5th edition. We love having new people at the table, but love seeing recurring faces at the table. D&D can be a big commitment to anyone's schedule, so we try to accommodate with shorter sessions, simpler gameplay, and NO buy-in. DMing the world is handled on our end; just bring your character sheet and dice!

NOTE: Seats at this table are limited. We'll post periodically when looking for more players. OR, email to get on the waitlist!

-DiablO II, III (Lan party)
-RETROMMO (Lan Party)
-and more!!!

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